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The soul of all sport resides within our many sports clubs. They provide a service that spans whole generations, encapsulating what sport means to so many people. Sport lives and breathes through our clubs every week: through the coaches, organisers and volunteers who seize the opportunity to create a sense of well-being and enjoyment from all the different activities provided.

Through our #LinkTo partnerships with sports clubs, we provide accessible opportunities for individuals, young and old, to enjoy all the different aspects of being part of a sports club. In addition, we choose to invest in the fabric of those clubs, through their facilities, equipment and the quality of coaching resources to create the right environment for our sports clubs and their members to flourish.

We want to #LinkTo sports clubs, young and old, enabling us to play our part in creating a pathway for sport. Shepway Sports Trust’s ethos involves guiding people toward clubs, providing the opportunity to reach a higher level in their chosen activity. By connecting clubs with schools and community organisations, we fuel opportunities for new membership and additional resources, both of which are key to a sustainable future for everyone.


Finding what’s available for you…

Sports clubs are for everyone. Knowing where they are, what they offer and how to access them in the first instance is as vital as having sports clubs in the first place. We aim to profile as many clubs and their facilities as possible, encouraging far more active participation and enjoyment.  Creating connections with partner clubs opens doors to a positive and active future that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Connecting your sports club to us…

Sports clubs are central to our community, making sport at a local level possible. More importantly, we realise the real potential that they offer and the role they play both now and far into the future. We seek to work in partnership with clubs who understand and support our wider vision. In turn, Shepway Sports Trust can provide a ‘helping hand’ in the stability and growth of the club.

We have recently recruited a Club Support Officer, Barry Pluck, who is visiting clubs in the district to bring them in to partnership with the Trust. To view an example of Shepway Sports Trust’s partner agreement please follow the following link to view the SST Sport Club Partnership Contract . Please email to speak directly with Barry about your club’s requirements.

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